Speed Learning

Time: 1:20 pm
day: Day Two


In this quick-fire session, each table will be hosted by an HR leader who will share the secrets of their most
high-impact leap; you then get the opportunity to question the host before moving on to your next table.

Output Focused Action Session Facilitated by the Chair

What Are the Creative Solutions for Attracting Top Biopharma Talent When You Can’t Use Brand as a Differentiator?

Refining Your Executive Search Capabilities

How Can We Address the War for Talent in a Sustainable Manner to Quell Compensation Inflation? And What Tools Can We Use to Support Us in This Mission?

Effectively Differentiating Your Scaling Biopharma Organization & Attracting Top Talent Within Today’s Capital Market Considerations

The Effective Execution of Omni-Channel Sourcing/ Advertising For a Memorable Candidate Experience

+ A Further Roundtable Hosted by Westwood & Wilshire!