Partnership Opportunities

Why partner with LEAP TA: Life Sciences?

The biopharma recruitment leaders taking part in this forum recognize that they can’t solve their talent challenges alone. Whether it’s small-scale targeted recruitment of hard-to-find in-demand scientific talent, or rapid ramp up of a new commercial workforce, they are actively looking outside their organizations for help.

This forum offers an opportunity like no other to demonstrate your value proposition to this proactive community. Position yourself as a solution provider of choice to the industry and create lasting connections that count.

We will work with you to design a bespoke partnership package where you can:

Demonstrate your expertise on the agenda – have the attention of the entire audience. For greatest impact, why not position your talk before a networking break and immediately conduct follow up conversations with highly engaged attendees

Showcase your business and its services at an exhibition booth, which provides a perfect meeting place for prospective new clients


Present the value proposition of your offering over your competitors, in front of an audience of active, engaged potential customers

Speak with key decision makers as part of our intimate, interactive roundtable style workshop sessions with over 8 hours allowed for networking


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Here's what our previous partners have to say:

“LEAP HR events bring together the strategic people leaders at the companies we target and engage them in just the sort of dynamic and provocative dialogue we love to be a part of. Furthermore, because we as partners are woven into the fabric of the event, we are seen as the value-adding members of the community that we are, rather than solely as a solution provider looking to win business.”

John Radford, Founder & Partner, AON


“This meeting provided access to C-Level decision makers who are virtually impossible to contact via email and phone.”

Talent Plus


“One of the best, most focused and personal conferences I have been to in a long time. 10 out of 10.”



“Near surgical access to our target market, the corporate decision makers that utilize our services. In the past year alone, our sponsorship has led to half a dozen new projects.”