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7:15 am Conference Registration & Networking

7:45 am Chair’s Welcome & Recap of Day One

Radically Rethinking Recruitment

8:00 am Deep Dive: Radically Rethinking the Role of Talent Acquisition in the Life Sciences Business of the Future

  • Andy Porter Executive Vice President & Chief People Experience Officer, Relay Therapeutics
  • Nicole Schaeffer Chief People Strategy Officer, Insmed
  • Martin Rexroad Senior Vice President Human Resources, PTC Therapeutics


  • From the perspective of strategic HR leaders, how does talent acquisition need to transform to be fit for a future biopharma business?
  • What are the prospects of talent sharing in the future and what are the implications for talent acquisition as we know it?
  • What traditional thinking most needs to be challenged for talent acquisition to transform its impact on tomorrow’s life sciences organization?

8:50 am Networking & Refreshments

Future-Focused Talent Acquisition

9:20 am Discover: Rethinking the Use of AI to Transform How We Assess Talent in an Ultra-Competitive Industry


  • What does it take to predict the success of talent against our values and competencies when growing at warp speed?
  • Why do brilliant people fail in our organizations? Rethinking how we assess candidates on ‘true fit’
  • How can we truly empower and train interview panels and make better decisions, faster to turn the speed-quality conundrum on its head

9:40 am Discover: Evolving the Role of the TA Leader to Ensure We’re Fit for the Future of a Hyper-Growth Life Sciences Business

  • Dawn Losinger Head of Talent Acquisition, Precision BioSciences


  • Creating a hybrid TA/marketing role to support our business and stand out in an ultra-crowded talent market
  • What does it take to keep up and continuously evolve our approach to marketing our business to top talent?
  • Rethinking how we establish a differentiator for our organization to prepare for the future and plan to secure the talent we’ll need tomorrow, now

10:00 am Develop: What Different Visions of the Future Do We Need to be Prepared for in Order to Ensure We Are Future-Proofing Ourselves

10:20 am Action: What Traditional Thinking Do You Most Need to Challenge to Allow You to Deliver Next Generation TA in Your Business?


Output-Focused Action Session Facilitated by the Chair

10:40 am Networking & Refreshments

Anticipating A Flexible Future

11:20 am Discover: Maximizing Employee Engagement to Revolutionize Employer Branding in Life Sciences

  • Ryan Goodwin Director Talent Acquisition, Kaleido Biosciences


  • What does it take to truly remove the silos around corporate communications in talent acquisition?
  • How can we maximize employee engagement around social media to help our businesses successfully engage candidates?
  • Recrafting your story to be your true differentiator and enable you to strategically innovate and gain a competitive edge

11:40 am Discover: Challenging Traditional Thinking to Allow us to Compete for Talent in an Ultra-Competitive Life Sciences Industry

  • Shaun Vigeant Head of Talent Acquisition, Intellia Therapeutics


  • How can hyper-growth small to mid-sized life sciences businesses successfully compete for talent against the big players?
  • Finding new creative ways to go after talent and differentiate ourselves with our science, our story and our impact
  • In a pre-revenue life sciences business what does it take to stick to your pay and compensation philosophy to attract talent sustainably?

12:00 pm Develop: What One Thing Could You Change That Would Have the Biggest Impact on Your Ability to Rethink TA?

  • Ryan Goodwin Director Talent Acquisition, Kaleido Biosciences
  • Shaun Vigeant Head of Talent Acquisition, Intellia Therapeutics

12:20 pm Action: What Single Action Can You Take Away and Apply Immediately Which Will Allow You to Change Something When You Leave?


Output-Focused Action Session Facilitated by the Chair

12:40 pm Networking Lunch

1:30 pm Speed Learning: HR Leaps from Life Sciences TA Leaders


In this quick-fire session, three TA leaders from progressive biopharma businesses will share the story of a leap they have made in their business; You then get the opportunity to question the host to find out the ‘how’ as well as the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ before moving on to your next table to hear another leap from another TA leader, and so on until you’ve heard all four leaps and gained three new ideas you can implement in your own organization.

Download the event guide for full session details

3:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference