About Event

LEAP TA: Life Sciences works because it connects you with the most forward-thinking recruitment leaders taking the most radical steps to find better people faster in companies on the same journey as your own.  

With thought-provoking case studies, action-led discussions and ensuring every story shared is evidenced by the business improvement it delivers, we guarantee that your time and your money are well spent.  

This conference isn’t just unique in offering an industry-specific platform for the most progressive recruitment leaders to maximize their own business value; it’s also unique in that it rips up the rulebook of traditional conferences.  

Only LEAP TA: Life Sciences is guaranteed to leave you:




  • Discover - bold talent leaders tell the story behind their leaps
  • Develop - you quiz the speakers on the secrets of their success
  • Focused sessions - get quick-fire inspiration for your own leaps
  • Interactivity – opening panel sessions which inspire and engage

  • Structured networking - build a tailor-made support network
  • Expert facilitation - spot the takeaways you can immediately apply