Panel Discussion: What Can We Do Differently to Develop High Functioning TA Teams & Truly Differentiate Our Biopharma Organization Within the Candidate-Led Talent Market in the US?

Time: 9:10 am
day: Day Two


Questions will include:

• How can you build a talent intelligence function and what are the impacts of this on demand planning?
• How can we reduce reliance on external recruiters regardless of company size? How do you then have that
conversation with your organization’s decision makers?
• Which TA tech tools are worth smaller biotech organizations investing in where they might not have the
same budgets are large pharma?
• Are there any sustainable solutions to the compensation and job title inflation we are all battling?
• How can biopharma organizations truly differentiate themselves and compete in today’s tight talent
market? In particular how can you compete with technology organizations in the bay area?
• What are best practices for ensuring your TA processes, onboarding in particular, are scalable?
• How can we create diverse talent pools and support diverse candidates in growing their careers?
• How can having a well-established, built out early career pathways transform your impact in today’s
dynamic talent landscape?
Question & Answer Session Facilitated by the Chair