2020 Highlights

130+ Attendees

20+ hours of insight

80+ companies attending 

27 speakers

Past Presentations 


Reimagine, Rebuild & Restart: Implementing a Talent Acquisition ‘ReModel’ at Kyowa Kirin International

Sian Abel

Sian Abel
Senior Vice President, Head of Human Resources
EMEA & RoW, Kyowa Kirin International

Tessa James crop

Tessa James
Founder & Reimagineer
Talent Reimagined

LEAP: Designing the right TA processes and implementing supporting technology and a delivery team that can scale and flex to meet the demand of the business

Infusing Culture into the Virtual Recruitment Process to Deliver a Great Candidate Experience

Deirdre Vitale

Deirdre Vitale
Senior Director, Talent & Culture
Spero Therapeutics

LEAP: Ensuring candidates know you care and highlighting the tangible and non-tangible things that make your culture unique

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for the Business & Power of Intersectionality Global & US Markets

James Cheng

James Cheng
Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion & Interim Head of Talent Acquisition
Zimmer Biomet

LEAP: Making DEI a business rather than HR issue to guarantee progress and impact

How Vertex is Transforming its Early Career Talent Approach to Deliver the Right Talent, Earlier

Jerod Funke

Jerod Funke
Vice President, Talent Acquisition
Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Martin Rodriguez

Martin Rodriguez
Senior Director, Global Head of Early Career Talent
Vertex Pharmaceuticals

LEAP: Making DEI a business rather than HR issue to guarantee progress and impact



"Building the right team isn’t always easy or straight-forward, but finding that right team is critical."


Brian Jochim, Head of Talent Acquisition, Apellis Pharmaceuticals

"It’s incredibly competitive in life sciences. How can you influence hiring managers to think outside the typical profile? We enabled the recruiting team to be provocative and push back when needed."


Matt McSherry, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Alexion

"By not speaking to a particular someone, we risk not connecting with anyone."


Ann Melinger, Chief Executive Officer, Brilliant Ink

"Challenge the assumptions that candidates have about your organization!" 


Deirdre Vitale, Senior Director, Talent & Culture, Spero Therapeutics

"We drive the discussions and share the metrics. We show the value we bring to the business." 


Debra Simmers, Executive Director, Talent Acquisition Business Partners & Delivery, Bristol-Myers Squibb


"Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. Open, honest and timely communication with your external partners prevents small issues from becoming critical ones."


Patty Garabedian, Director, Talent Acquisition, Epredia

"Why are does hiring early career talent make sense? It’s a way to augment future talent pipelines; it’s a great branding practice; and there is an altruistic value and helping students prepare for their careers."


Eddie Stewart, Head of Talent Acquisition & HRBP, Radius Health

"Invest the time in how to best use the tools available to you; how will they help you, what data do they provide, can they connect to your ATS?"


Martin Rodriguez, Senior Director, Global Head of Early Career Talent, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

"Our culture is our secret sauce – how will the candidates experience this culture when they aren’t walking in the door?"


Craig Natale, Head of Talent Acquisition Partners, Jazz Pharmaceuticals

"Let’s just not ignore everything that has been going on in the world. People wrapped themselves around work as a way to adapt, but there is a concern around employee burnout. What are you doing to support your employees?"


 Matt Larson, Head of Talent Acquisition, Scholar Rock